An innovative and unconventional approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit.


Breathwork is a simple technique that assists in processing trauma, developing new thinking patterns, and creating a new perspective on old behavior. By focusing on this two-stage rhythm, the brain calms and allows us to experience a connection to our bodies. Through this practice, we become aware of buried emotion and can begin to heal trauma. The work circumnavigates defense mechanisms that often cause roadblocks typically encountered during conventional talk therapy and allows the client to consciously choose the pace at which they heal. Practitioners have found it more effective than basic talk therapy, because it taps directly into, and expels, the raw feelings, emotion and negative energy that might be weighing us down.  Within just a few minutes, we see effects that set the stage for a spiritual experience to occur. We are ultimately “tricking” the mind by giving it something to occupy itself with, which gives us respite from its constant chatter and need to figure things out. Results vary from person to person, but most people report a reduced level of anxiety, a sense of being consciously present and connected, and in many cases having had “a spiritual experience.” Self-judgment is reduced, self-love is achieved, and most importantly, we gain awareness that we have the power to heal ourselves.

With this simple breathing technique, we oxygenate the hypothalamus and it releases endorphins and neuropeptides that create a feeling of peace and well-being while helping us access parts of ourselves that have been kept buried our entire lives. We also stimulate the vagus nerve which helps us combat anxiety and pulls us out of the “fight, flight, or freeze” response.

Breathwork is commonly called an active meditation, though there is hesitation to describe it as such because the word meditation often conjures images of robed men in monasteries chanting to gong music. There is no sitting silently here. Breathwork is where deep work gets done; we drudge up the deep stuff so it can no longer control our behavior unconsciously. It’s confronting and can be uncomfortable, but just like healing a broken arm, there will be discomfort as the bone mends.


Weekly Breathwork Group at unplug meditation

Join Nathaniel every Wednesday night at 8:15pm near Brentwood Los Angeles for his weekly Breathwork Group. If you haven’t attended before, reach out via email to receive a free VIP pass.

Healer Training Level 1

This class will be taught by Nathaniel V. Dust and Lili Pettit. Learn the basics of the Breathwork Healer Training work as taught by David Elliott.

In this first class you will learn about the 2-stage Pranayama Breathwork meditation, which is one of the foundational tools of the work. You will learn why the breath is used the way it is in clearing your mind and body of stuck energy. Exercises and partnered breakout sessions within the class are used to develop your connection to intuition, boost confidence around your gifts and talents to live freely, and open the heart to the power of self-love.

The Level 1 class includes hands on training and guidance with all of David’s healing tools and extensive discussion about the work, the breath, and what it is to heal yourself and others. This class is the first of 4 levels that certify you to work with others and lead breathwork circles.

After completing Healer Training Level 1, you will be prepared to use this work with clients on a 1×1 level and have a fundamental understanding of the breathwork practice. Not only will you walk away as a teacher, you will have a deepened connection with your intuition so you can truly heal yourself.

unplug meditation

12401 Wilshire Blvd #101, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Sat, April 7 & Sun, April 8

9am-4:30pm (1 hour lunch 12:30-1:30pm)

Cost: $450

$200 deposit reserves your spot or pay in full.

Register via email to nathanielvdust@gmail.com


“The journey to healing trauma, to changing your life, is not linear; it’s full of switchbacks and roundabouts. Who wants to walk a straight line their whole life anyway?”

Nathaniel V. Dust, B. Msc. has worked as a professional healer for almost a decade, using the power of a person’s breath as a catalyst for positive changes in clients’ lives. Equipped with an arsenal of techniques – with a special focus on breathwork – Nathaniel has helped thousands of people process trauma, disarm negative thought patterns, and maintain healthy and happy relationships with themselves and loved ones. Nathaniel’s client base ranges from those seeking relief from everyday anxiety to people suffering from severe emotional and physical trauma and desperate for help. His specialty includes working in addiction treatment facilities to help accelerate clients’ journey to recovery.

It was in treatment where Nathaniel first discovered breathwork, following ongoing struggle with addiction and several failed attempts at suicide. He was disconnected, at odds with his own integrity, and running away from life. “I had everything I thought I wanted: The big salary. The house. The relationship. I was drinking myself to death thinking I was content. I was missing a key element in my life that I had never considered: Me.”

Everything changed once Nathaniel discovered breathwork. His skepticism and resistance to traditional healing techniques dissolved as he saw how swiftly the practice shifted his perspective on life, love and sobriety. After leaving treatment, Nathaniel became certified by David Elliott to teach this kind of powerful healing to others and since then, has studied substance use disorder, sexual abuse, and other trauma to offer clients comprehensive and professional care. With this unique perspective and skillset, Nathaniel now works full time helping empower people to make the necessary changes in their lives toward long-term health and happiness.



Breathwork as a Treatment for Addiction?

I got wind of an ex-addict doing breathwork with people at various rehabs with supposedly rave results. His name is Nathaniel V. Dust (link is external) and he is not your typical hippie weirdo. Far from it. When I showed up at his house to sit down with him, he was wearing a pink tie, pink socks with the words “sock whore” and cats on them and a plaid suit jacket with a pink handkerchief peeking out of the pocket. Oh, and he has a Mohawk… read more.


Andrea T., MFT

My first experience with breathwork was met with resistance and opposition.  I didn’t have time for another  “woo-woo” therapy training session that would interfere with the clients I needed to meet with.  However, after seven minutes or less I was convinced that I had finally found the answer.  In that moment, I knew in my mind, in my body and in my sprit, what it truly meant to be connected to self.   After the breathwork session, I was completely blown away and perplexed.  I raced home that night and began researching how to gain more knowledge, how to train myself in the technique and how to learn to recreate this phenomenon on a regular basis.

I immediately booked tickets to train with Nathaniel Dust in West Hills, California.  He called me personally on the phone and spoke to me openly and honestly about what to expect.  Nathaniel answered all of my questions and simply encouraged me to come to the training with an open mind.

Prior to the group training, I met Nathaniel for a couples session with my partner and was in awe of his candid nature and ability to laugh at himself.  He gracefully led us through a talk therapy session followed by a powerful, life changing meditative breath work session.

His weekend seminar was similar.  He charismatically delivered the spiritual methodology and practice of breathwork, challenging each of us to delve deeper while acknowledging our own barriers and obstacles.  Nathaniel has practiced extensively with David Elliot, the founder of this breathwork technique and has developed his own style of teaching that can capture any room.  He provided me with a method of transformation and healing that I now use regularly in my own life.  Nathaniel has an intuitive gift and in one weekend was able to demonstrate how to continue with our daily lives, while truly nurturing the mind, body and spirit.  I recommend his program to anyone yearning for a more meaningful and deeper spiritual life.

Eliza K. - Author, Teacher, and Healer

“There’s precision, there’s play, there’s the weaving of your story inspiring you to dive deep within the calling of your heart: the Holy Grail of the Hero’s Journey. Nathaniel doesn’t fuck around using his wit to cut through the bullshit, and his heart to hold the space of love for you to heal.”

Nikki R.

“I met Nathaniel in September of 2013. He was leading a group at the Treatment Center I was in. Nathaniel made a impression on me right away. He spoke about love, and showed true compassion for the group. I felt something happen to me that seemed too good to be true! I wanted to understand how and why the breath could be so powerful! Every class was different, healing, emotional, raw. I began to feel strong and excited about my life again. I started to attend Nathaniel’s class at The Hub in Los Angeles, and also had a private session with him. Not only was the work powerful and healing but Nathaniel was supportive and gave me insight on some deep personal issues. It was one of the most trying times of my life. Nathaniel’s encouragement made me feel safe and worthy. He also suggested I do Healer training. At first I thought I could never do that. But he kept talking about it until I got the confidence to make it a commitment myself! Nathaniel is one of a kind! He is hilarious, intuitive, kind, experienced, has great taste in music, creative, sensitive, caring, and knows what he’s talking about! I have attended Healer Training and continue to learn and heal in his circles at The Hub. He has made an impact on my life and continues to inspire me!”


Private Sessions in person, Skype, or phone: $200

Session length is 1 hour and 15 minutes. We talk about what you are looking to heal in your life, change, or let go of. Then we get down to the breathing. Using intuition and the information gathered during the talking portion, we create an experience together to heal your life. You get connected to yourself in a way that allows you to process old trauma and emotion and release the self-defeating behavior that is preventing you from living a full and happy life.

Groups both public and private: Inquire for pricing.

Groups usually run between an hour and a half and two and a half hours in length. Often these are themed groups using the power of a community to reach in to those areas we are stuck, to promote vulnerability and connection. The group encourages the individual to participate in a different way than an individual session.

Weekend Breakthrough Retreats: Inquire about pricing.

These weekend retreats utilize many unique and therapeutic methods to help clients breakthrough patterns of unwanted and unhealthy behavior. Nathaniel has designed a curriculum that creates a healing space using unconventional elements to achieve positive outcomes unattainable through traditional practices.

Send inquiries regarding private sessions, group work, weekend breakthrough retreats, or about incorporating breathwork in your treatment facility to nathanielvdust@gmail.com

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